Adam Korbuly, the founder of ArchiFM and OrthoGraph brings Operational BIM to ArchiFM

ArchiFM was the first ever BIM based facility management software solution in the world. It was based on Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD technology with a deep integration between the two solutions. Any building that had a well-planned BIM could be easily integrated with ArchiFM both as data source and seamlessly integrated graphical environment.

During the existence of ArchiFM since 1998 there have been many successful clients with their related projects that benefited and still benefit from it. The initial step of importing the BIM data into the operation has many key benefits to provide data for contracting, and for planning the building’s use and maintenance operation.

Our founder Adam Korbuly has experienced in many projects that keeping this BIM data updated is a critical task for the success, but it is a very difficult and expensive process at the same time. It needed highly educated architects to use ArchiCAD for modeling all floor plan changes, and keeping the assets, the inventory updated inside the buildings was even more challenging.

At the same time, we learned that the most time-consuming part of maintenance works is finding the machines to be maintained and then getting back-and-forth between the site and the warehouse.

Decision makers were always asking to have graphical reports of building usage, tenancy, maintenance history and many more that could only be produced by the architects in ArchiCAD with the integration of ArchiFM.

Even though this was far ahead of other market players, Adam has decided to build up a technology that can solve all the issues of BIM in operation, and giving an answer to many more questions that building owners even didn’t dare to think about as opportunity. From 2014 Adam started to work on OrthoGraph, the world’s first Operational BIM solution to solve all the issues mentioned above, making it an open platform of Operational BIM data.

At the end of 2023 Adam – still having his significant shares in ArchiFM – has returned to ArchiFM as the CEO of the company with the goal of implementing Operational BIM in ArchiFM. This eliminates all the difficulties of BIM in the operation while not just solving all known issues of it but giving further new enhancements. Such are building performance evaluation and optimization to improve the profitability / productivity of buildings, giving independence from the fluctuation of employees and suppliers, and giving access to all building and asset data on-site, to reduce the time the site work needs.

Being able to assign unique identifiers to every maintenance point by using the new ArchiFM technology it become possible to build up controlled maintenance workflows, to ensure that the proper equipment has been repaired also by checking if it happened following the SLA requirements.

The first key change of Adam’s reappearance in ArchiFM is to have all ArchiFM functionality available on-site using mobile technology, which is released starting from the end of Q1 2024.

Keep the story following as many more technological enhancements are coming in the short future that will make a key change in how building operation can and has to be done.

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