New ArchiFM Mobile App – supporting full ArchiFM functionality

Total ArchiFM functionality everywhere:

ArchiFM has had mobile functionality for decades to solve some dedicated topics that are required to be done on-site. Such are the breakdown reporting, accessing workorders, maintenance work on the spot or the tool where clients can accept and sign the reporting of finished works.

What if you could achieve more at the site of work? What if you could build up workflows where the control of works would rely on barcodes, QRCodes or RFIDs? Where you could ask your maintenance people to start their work by scanning an RFID so that you can be sure that the proper equipment has been repaired, even knowing when that happened?

Please welcome our new mobile app both on iOS and on Android platforms that not just covers the typically required mobile functionality, but everything that ArchiFM does, and also those new features that can only be done on-site.

From now on every Client can use the same mobile app for their purpose even if they have their special on-premise system setup. Simply go to settings and set your desired system host – living it unchanged if you work on the regular SaaS ArchiFM system solution.

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