We are glad to announce our brand new Dashboard Tool in ArchiFM v3.6.

Efficiently supporting business processes and decision making related to property- and facility management activities is key to our Clients success. One key element is DATA: in every CAFM system a huge amount of data is recorded on a daily basis. Property sheets, rental contracts, work orders are all important and this list is just getting bigger and bigger with the integration of various ERP, BMS or IoT systems. With the introduction of dashboards our Clients can visualize and analyze data stored in ArchiFM much more easily.

Dashboards are key elements in a modern and effective reporting sub-system enabled in ArchiFM v3.6. Clients can create, share and customize informative reports in minutes. We enabled numerous out-of-the-box reports on the ArchiFM Dashboard but our Clients can create, re-design or modify new and existing ones on their own as well to achieve maximum flexibility.

The new Dashboard Tool is available from December 2020 to our Clients who are already using ArchiFM v3.6.

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