National Healthcare Service Center

The NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SERVICE CENTER (ÁEEK) currently maintains 104 health care facilities and is also a practitioner of national ownership rights. It is responsible for the control and responsibility of the management activities concerned to preserve and increase the national assets concerned.

The challenge

n order to achieve the strategic objectives of the ÁEEK, it has launched a public tender for the development and operation of a unified IT system, which was won by our company owned by 100% Hungarian. The software, known as ETNY, can handle the processes of technical operation, building cleaning, green surfaces, fire and safety and other FM areas in a database. The system provides controlling data on activities related to institutions by taking into account operating income and expenditure and is capable of carrying out planning tasks related to the assets.

Many of our highly regarded companies won the Public Procurement Tender because our core product, ArchiFM software, is an integrated application in which few – but simply feasible – individual improvements were needed to fully meet the requirements of the solution. An important aspect of the selection was that the software could be easily expanded by connecting to 3D graphics systems, building on state-of-the-art BIM technology.

The solution

During the project, the TÁMOP-6.2.5-B-13/1-2014-0001 “Improving organizational efficiency in the healthcare system – Developing territorial cooperation” was completed with record speed, the Software of the State Health Care Centre supporting The Single Ownership Register and Operation and the related database. The project shows that the it system has been developed to record 200,000 premises in 3,000 buildings in 474 sites, totalling nearly 3.5 million m2 and 47,580 installations.

Working with our Customer was going very well. Recognition is for the staff of the ÁEEK, who uploaded almost 100 % of the detailed building and equipment data of their institutions in five months. All these have made a significant contribution to the successful completion of the record-breaking project on a very short deadline. The established IT system has many opportunities for improvement and expansion, and we look forward to the new tasks associated with them.

With about 50 different demonstrations of the IT solution resulting from the cooperation, it provides effective support for management decisions at operational and strategic level and is well suited to the long-term objectives of the ÁEEK, the implementation of central operation control.

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