Dome Facility Services Group

For more than a decade and a half, Dome Facility Services Group has provided integrated facility management services on the Hungarian real estate market. In addition to its facility operations business, the company provides consulting services for fit-out, energy efficiency, robotics, and proptech. With its dynamic development over the years, Dome has become a major provider in today’s Hungarian facility management market.

The challenge

Dome needed a complex, cloud-based CAFM system to support its operational workflow. They wanted to be able to have an audit-proof documentation of all assets, all housekeeper duties, a precise register of the use of material, and wanted to be able to load and manage all maintenance plans and worksheets electronically.

The company needed a helpdesk service too, and a way to support its dispatch unit. For the management, they required reports to support decision-making, and one of their distinctive clients, AUDI Hungaria, has asked them for regular management reports for their corporate reviews.

The solution

The implementation was carried out in two phases.

  1. Phase
    1. Asset survey, barcoding
    2. Collection and verification of data files
    3. Creation of a test environment and loading basic data
    4. Compiling and loading work instructions and maintenance plans
    5. Custom development of ad hoc and planned maintenance worksheet reports
    6. Customization of the mobile application
    7. Test run, testing
    8. Post-test adjustments, fine-tuning
    9. Start of the production system
  2. Phase
    1. Integration of housekeeper duties in the electronic worksheet management system
    2. Integration of material usage in the electronic worksheet management system
    3. Development of miscellaneous reports
    4. Customization of dispatch service / HelpDesk functionality
    5. Fine-tuning of the mobile application and additional feature development
    6. Server-side optimization

The benefit

With a meticulous, two-phase implementation, we were able to provide the client with an accurate dataset consolidated in one central database, having a centralized data administration manage all accesses to the various levels of data. Dome gained instant insight to their latest operational information and they could view various, real-time reports and analyses to support management decision making. By improving their workflow efficiency, we also improved the quality of administration, and we helped them achieve significant cost savings. With ArchiFM, they have successfully concluded their digital transformation and fully transitioned to conducting business electronically. Today, they manage more than 150,000 transactions with us on a yearly basis.

“With ArchiFM, Dome’s facility management operation has become completely paperless. It helped us save over a ton of paper on a yearly basis, which not only reduced our operational expenses, but it contributed to reducing our carbon footprint and environmental awareness.”

Gábor Décsi, Managing Director

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