Comparing Regular BIM and Operational BIM:
Unlocking the Power of ArchiFM

In the realm of building management, two powerful acronyms dominate the conversation: BIM (Building Information Modeling) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems). But what sets them apart, and how can they revolutionize facility management and maintenance operations? Let’s delve into the world of Operational BIM and explore why ArchiFM stands at the forefront of this transformative approach.

1. Understanding BIM and Its Evolution

Regular BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • What is BIM? BIM is a methodology that leverages a digital model (or digital twin) in three dimensions. It encapsulates intelligent information related to construction or building operation.
  • Construction Focus: Traditional BIM primarily serves the construction phase. It unifies stakeholders, streamlines collaboration, and ensures compliance with regulations.
  • Design and Construction Benefits: BIM enhances project visualization, defect identification, and efficient methodologies.

2. The Shift to Operational BIM

Operational BIM: A Game-Changer for Facility Management

  • The Cost Reality: Did you know that 75-85% of a building’s overall cost occurs during its operational life cycle? Maintenance, operations, and eventual demolition account for this significant chunk, overshadowing the design (2-5%) and construction (10-20%) phases.
  • ArchiFM’s Pioneering Role: ArchiFM, the trailblazer, introduced the concept of Operational BIM. It extends BIM’s reach beyond construction, focusing on the entire life cycle of a facility. The three main pillars of the Operational BIM concept are:
    1. Captured with ease, speed and accuracy – all controlled digitally on-site, where data collection happens.
    2. Easily accessible anywhere – by using mobile technology onsite, and as an integral part of ArchiFM in a web browser by anyone needing accurate data and graphical understanding of the buildings. ArchiFM is an open platform to be integrated with any third-party to get access to any information handled in its digital twin.
    3. Keep it up to date – as part of the everyday operational work by the people who make changes at the locations where they are made.
  • Benefits Galore:
    1. Cost Savings: Operational BIM optimizes maintenance interventions, reducing operating costs. Imagine fewer breakdowns, efficient workflows, and precise resource allocation
    2. Collaboration Amplified: ArchiFM bridges the gap between design, construction, and facility management. Stakeholders speak the same language, ensuring seamless collaboration.
    3. Safety and Compliance: Reliable data-driven insights empower facility managers (FMs) to report to boards confidently. Safety protocols and compliance become second nature.
    4. Knowledge Retention: ArchiFM’s centralized database preserves decades of operational wisdom. Say goodbye to knowledge gaps when experienced staff transition.
    5. Real-Time Decision-Making: FMs armed with ArchiFM make informed choices throughout the facility’s life cycle.

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