B+N Referencia Zrt.

B+N Referencia Ltd. was founded in 1993. Initially only a cleaning services provider, the company has quickly evolved into one of the largest FM operators in Hungary, and today, they rank 334th on the list of the 500 largest companies. Besides cleaning and FM services, they also provide occupational safety equipment and gardening & forestry services. They currently employ more than 4,000 employees and manage more than 5,000,000 sqm at 2,600 locations. They are ISO certified by six different certificates and since 2015, they use SAP for corporate governance.

The challenge

In January 2012, B+N Referencia Zrt. invited us to run on their tender for implementing a facility management system. They had the following requirements about what a CAFM system look like for them:

  • A clear, accurate, and comprehensive register of all assets and facilities
  • Capable of supporting the management of 5-40 buildings
  • Display of all mechanical and electrical equipment in the appropriate hierarchy
  • Support planned preventive maintenance tasks, breakdown maintenance tasks, and maintenance work related to the daily operation
  • Breakdown management supported by a Helpdesk system
  • Should first present basic solutions but have the option to later extend it to additional, optional features
  • Provide management and partners with continuous analyses in support of an efficient operation
  • Have a central, integrated database where you only need to add data once
  • Support work performed on mobile devices
  • Possibility to extend the system with additional information and integrate it with any other software in the future

The solution

We first installed a basic, on premises solution. After going live with a basic functionality, we continuously worked with B+N to expand the system with additional features. We introduced the mobile application, which made it possible to digitally administer the work of the maintenance and troubleshooting teams on the ground. When the new cloud-based version of ArchiFM was released, we upgraded the old version and successfully migrated our client to a web-based system. B+N Referencia Ltd. has undergone a huge expansion in the recent years, and as a result, they have continuously extended the use of ArchiFM to the various divisions of the company. Their customer base has also expanded significantly, and thus the number of properties and assets managed in the system also rose, along with the number of users and user licenses. We managed to fulfill the expectations of our client already at an early stage, and since then, we have supported their work with several custom developments that have significantly eased the company’s administration and analytical work.

Today, they have the following solutions implemented:

  • A hierarchical representation of B+N’s entire real estate portfolio, which currently represents more than 21,000 line items
  • The number of assets registered in the system requiring maintenance currently exceeds 26,000
  • ArchiFM provides end-to-end supports for all maintenance tasks (both preventive and breakdown maintenance)
  • A HelpDesk system supporting a large dispatch center that handles daily breakdown maintenance
  • The number of transactions exceeds 15 000 per year
  • Up-to-date reports and analyses to management and partners supporting decision making

We are in discussion with B+N Zrt. about further extending ArchiFM’s functionality to a complex warehouse management and inventory management system. We are also in talks to integrate ArchiFM to their existing ERP system in the near future.


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