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Warehouse management

When planning the maintenance works, it is important to make sure that we have the necessary stocks available. ArchiFM supports stock management in multiple ways and can also be connected financial systems or other ERP modules. Most of the stock planning would take place when planning for regular maintenance, however, an extra table or a set of chairs to a lecture room, or a projector to a meeting room would also be something typical that your everyday operation would require.

The instant availability of air filters, water filters, or replacement parts for a fan coil unit, for example, may interrupt important processes in production; or in a hospital environment, it could interfere with critical life-saving operations. In these cases, it is important to be able to monitor whether a part is available as needed, and if it is, then in which warehouse. ArchiFM can handle an unlimited number of warehouses with any number of parts, tools, and materials categorized in them. Besides displaying availability, ArchiFM can also keep track of stock consumption and send you a warning message when down to a minimum level. You can also record receipts when more stock arrives or when a part has been picked up from the warehouse.

The same way as for maintenance works, you can also record the work description, the planned or actual subcontractor, the required qualification necessary to work with a part, the planned number of tools and material to be used, and whether it is a dangerous material or requires special handling. When issuing a work sheet, ArchiFM would automatically interact with the warehouse, and when the work is completed, a work report can be submitted to ensure that the parts not used can be returned to a given warehouse.