Warehouse management

In facility management it is necessary to manage warehouses and stocks first of all during maintenance planning. Although the demand to supply, for example, chairs to a lecture room or a projector to a meeting room may also occur during leasing or everyday operation, stock management is much more typical during maintenance work. The availability of filters or replacement parts for a fan coil unit, or special air or water filters in a hospital environment may even interrupt important processes such as production or the protection of life.

In such cases it is always important to be able to monitor whether an instrument or a replacement part is available as desired, and if it is, then in which warehouse. The archifm.net system is able to handle an optional number of warehouses and an optional number of instruments categorized in them at the same time. Besides availability, stock consumption, alarm when reaching a minimum level, withdrawal or receipt can also be recorded in the system.

As in the case of maintenance work, it is not only the description of the work, the typical subcontractor and the required qualifications that can be recorded, but also the planned use of materials and tools, when issuing work sheets the software automatically handles use of materials from the warehouses. When work is completed, when the work report is submitted the remaining amount of materials can be checked back and returned to the given warehouse.

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