Tanent management

ArchiFM manages all tenants based on the conditions set forth in their contracts. The software can handle your entire lease contract portfolio, keeping track of all their terms and conditions, including, but not limited to their validity, fees, termination or extension criteria, or any other special conditions. All of this information can be displayed in a formatted report, and you can receive warning messages about contract expiry, or the client failing to pay on time.

ArchiFM can handle any type of special cases due to its flexibility. It can manage the lease of all premises, such as buildings, floors, rooms, meeting rooms by the hour, or a partial or joint leasing agreement, for example, by two different parties sharing a kitchen, or by splitting the costs of the hallways between two tenants possibly having two different set of terms and conditions. Fast changing, short term, and temporary lease contracts are easy to manage with ArchiFM, too.

Operation costs that occur during leases that are not part of the rental contracts must be divided among the tenants.  While the costs related to specific service requests can be easily routed to the lease contracts, dividing utility invoices can be more complex. They may need to be split among the tenants using specific criteria: either by a fixed amount, or by the size of the area, but possibly by the specific value measured by a sub-meter set up to the area the tenant is using. All these possibilities are seamlessly supported by ArchiFM’s robust tenant management system.