Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is the type of maintenance that is usually the easiest to plan with and perform. Nothing is unexpected and there is usually no urgency in performing such tasks. The primary purposes of scheduled maintenance are to prolong the useful life of an asset (HVAC) and to comply with legal obligations to avoid life-threatening situations (regular elevator maintenance).

This module, however, handles way more than simply keeping track of certain tasks to be performed at a certain date. For example, regular cleaning is a maintenance task that is completely analogous to other scheduled maintenance events. Hence in ArchiFM, janitorial works can (and should be) scheduled as a part of the overall maintenance plan, because it is part of the overall operation costs and is in the operational budget. As you will see, ArchiFM’s modules are interrelated with each other, so any maintenance event is tied to a plan, to a budget, and once the work is performed, it feeds back to the financial modules and shows how much of the budget was consumed for a certain type of work.

Scheduled maintenance, as well as breakdown maintenance, perform all steps in the process with a high level of transparency. It is always possible to check back who did what, when, and how long the work took. Subcontractors can check in when they started work and report a task complete once they are done. With GIS integration to our mobile app, it is possible to trace where the workers are at any time of the day and how much time they spend on a task. As the planned budget to a task is tied to the planned frequency of a maintenance event and to the conditions set forth in the subcontractor contract, it makes ArchiFM a fully transparent tool to facilitate and support any internal or external audits. At the same time, the operational costs can be easily monitored, and the budget can be re-planned or reallocated based on periodic financial and budget reviews.

By monitoring your own or your contractors’ SLA performance, you can make an assessment on how well you or the company you had hired have been doing, make them accountable for their performance, and by assessing them, you can increase your own service standards.

Finally, when planning for scheduled maintenance work, public holidays must also be taken into consideration. No matter which country you are in, or how many countries you have your property portfolio spread into, ArchiFM can keep track of all relevant public holidays. If you wish so, you can specify a new date for the work when it falls on a day off, or nevertheless, make it mandatory to be performed, no matter which day of the year it is.