Reporting, Analysis

One of the most important reasons for having a facility management software, apart from getting the much-needed day-to-day support to operation, is to provide management with an up-to-date, comprehensible, and easy-to-use decision-making tool. ArchiFM ’s reporting and analytical capabilities ensure that any data can be analyzed, manipulated, and reported in the desired format and frequency. 

 Trend reports, KPIs, pie charts, bar charts, or a simple numerical sorting will ensure that you can incorporate the latest data into your current operation and future decisions.

ArchiFM supports fast decision-making in two ways:

• by displaying “Meters” for immediate intervention,  just like in a car. It allows you to quickly take a quick look and decide whether you need to speed up or slow down.

by having formatted reports for in depth analysis, just like when you look at your month-end closing figures or retrospect the results of a project. You can then see where you are, how well you did, and what you need to change the next time.

Our formatted reports are ready-made tables, graphs, charts, or diagrams – whichever best supports your needs. They are always fed by the latest data which you can easily have access to simply by clicking on a radio button. In our basic package, we prepare some of these already for you, but should you need more ready-made reports, your knowledgeable users or your own specialists that we have well-trained for you can create new ones or adjust your existing ones.

The users’ daily work is supported by pivot analyses, a display of changes and trends, or by reports based on complex calculations. These complex calculations will be prepared by us, based on template, which we create that you can save and then run any time you need it. These data templates can be further adjusted by grouping, filtering, or sorting the information and then applying limits, summaries, averages, or even colors.

When trying to access a report, we make sure that a certain type is information is only available to those users who have or should have access to it. During the preparations and consultation sessions, we ensure that the contents of the reports are visible to the right users, but only to them. There is also a possibility to schedule reports, so that when you come to work one morning, the results are already waiting for you in your mailbox.