Property Management

Property Management services create, construct, and maintain an exceptional and cost-effective living and working environment.

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, productive and well-maintained physical environment by planning and delivering professional services that are sustainable now and in the future.

Our CAFM software represents a great value add in facility management: all  data can be easily analyzed, and the user can get a quick overview of the real estate portfolio at any time. It is very easy to navigate through ArchiFM. The property portfolio is shown in a tree structure, where each branch can be assigned with a different value, color, or other parameter. If, for example, you are looking for free, leasable office space in the portfolio, then you can search by color, by office size and locate your free space easily. Any other structural view with any criteria can be established upon request of the customer. We can display those areas where the tenant has not paid the invoices for over a period of time, we can highlight those rooms that have a particular finish, or simply show all corner offices.  

ArchiFM is available to our users both with an alphanumeric and a graphical interface. We are directly integrated with ArchiCAD, supporting the 3-dimensional visualization and editing in a professional CAD software, and with OrthoGraph, which is our partner in building surveying for those who only have an outdated BIM model or do not have one at all.

ArchiFM has a modular setup organized in separate tiles, but functionally interconnected across the facility management processes.


Property Management involves the following module functions:


Core Area Management modules

Asset planning


Tenant management


Frame Modules (required for overall funcionality)



Financial Module


Human resource management


Company register


Reporting, Analysis