ArchiFM got a strong speed boost that was not imaginable before

ArchiFM speeds on steroids

Speeds up-to 40 times faster than before

The latest update to ArchiFM, version 3.8, marks a significant leap forward in the software’s evolution. With substantial under-the-hood enhancements, users can now experience a remarkable increase in speed, with some functions boasting a 40-fold improvement in accessibility. This acceleration is not limited to selected features but extends across the board, ensuring a more efficient and responsive system.

The commitment to continuous improvement is evident, as future updates promise not only further speed enhancements but also a more intuitive user interface. This focus on simplicity and ease of use, coupled with the integration of new features driven by customer feedback, underscores a dedication to meeting user needs and enriching the overall user experience.

From now on the speed boost is rolled out to every Client that uses version 3.8 either in the regular SaaS ArchiFM system or as an on-premise or dedicated cloud solution.

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