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Frame Modules (required for overall funcionality)​


Facility management is not only about registering a large amount of data. Facility operators need a tool for daily work where they can manage and control data and make decisions based on that information.

Financial Module

Although facility management activities mostly involve technical operation work, they are still cost-intensive and require dedicated staff. Besides performing excellent quality work, other important aspects are

  • • who does the work
  • • how much it costs
  • • how fast it can get done.



Human resource management

Just like most financial information, personnel data is generally available in an HR or financial system that is already running in house. In order to avoid having to perform manual updates, ArchiFM would be integrated with any HR/finance module of any existing ERP system.



Company register

Companies appear in all areas of facility management. Whether a company is a tenant, service provider or a client itself, they must be handled in different ways. ArchiFM handles all company data that is essential for a given aspect of facility management. 

Reporting, Analysis

One of the most important reasons for having a facility management software, apart from getting the much-needed day-to-day support to operation, is to provide management with an up-to-date, comprehensible, and easy-to-use decision-making tool. 

Core Maintenance and Cleaning Management modules

Breakdown and failure management

In this module, you will find a simple web interface for reporting failures. Those who have access to the system or who are responsible for reporting such breakdown events will start from here. They can define the exact location using a roll-down menu, and they can even attach a picture of the item that needs repair.





Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is the type of maintenance that is usually the easiest to plan with and perform. Nothing is unexpected and there is usually no urgency in performing such tasks. The primary purposes of scheduled maintenance are to prolong the useful life of an asset (HVAC) and to comply with legal obligations to avoid life-threatening situations (regular elevator maintenance).



Worksheet handling

Worksheet or workorders are the most essential pillars of the maintenance process. They have a dual role.  On the one hand, they make maintenance work traceable by having a sequential serial number assigned to them, while, on the other hand, they can be used for grouping all related maintenance work.






Maintenance standards

Maintenance standards form the basis of both the planning and accounting of maintenance work. By setting standard maintenance protocols, all work processes, pricing, and later the analysis of KPIs set forth in the maintenance contracts can be standardized.



Warehouse management

When planning the maintenance works, it is important to make sure that we have the necessary stocks available. ArchiFM supports stock management in multiple ways and can also be connected financial systems or other ERP modules.








Core Area Management modules​

Asset planning

The archifm.net system handles the property portfolio in a tree structure, which can be customized. As the aim is to reach efficient operation, the structure is able to present accumulated or other special calculations and results with numbers and colors, which significantly accelerates navigation even if you are looking for available free area or area that will become free soon.

Tenant management

Tenants are first of all managed on the basis of their contracts. The entire lease contract portfolio can be entered in the software together with all their data, validity, fees and other contract terms.