Although facility management work items are mostly planned at workstations by facility managers sitting in the office, on-site work is also an organic part of the process. Our mobile app has been designed to facilitate on-site work during the maintenance management work, so the ArchiFM system contains a mobile application too.



Helpdesk for Mobile

With a mobile device at hand running on a simple Android or iOS device, the maintenance staff has access to worksheets, they can look through the detailed work descriptions and can report completion along with the hours needed to fix the issue without having to go to the central office. They can even check, at any time, to see whether any new work orders have been placed on the map, which helps them locate the exact item. As a result, a lot of travel time can be saved both by optimal scheduling and by not having to travel back and forth between the central office and the sites.

Reporting breakdowns from the site

With the help of the mobile application it is also possible to report breakdowns directly from the site. Right on spot, you can take a picture of the failed device and attach it to the breakdown request. In the case of preventive maintenance, the exact GPRS coordinates are stored to make sure that the report really originated from the equipment they had tested.

Working on site using our mobile app

As the day goes by, more work orders may drop in which the maintenance staff can view and access on the spot. They can register the start time and end time of a particular job using barcode technology at their convenience, and they can sign off on each project they have completed. The mobile app also supports our inventory functions where colleagues can update and keep track of any material on stock.

Supported mobile platforms and releases:

  • Android 7 – 9
  • iOS 13.0 – 14.7.1