Project management

Our implementation process is a carefully coordinated set of efforts in concert with our clients. Based on the initial consultation, we identify whether we would pursue with an on-premises installation or a cloud-based solution, and then we carefully plan each step, identify client teams, coordinate the experts in both teams, and put all data into action. As we meticulously work through each module, you will see your new management system taking shape and be able to test and use more and more functions as we progress.

During the implementation, we

• Populate ArchiFM with all your building data

• Set up connections between your databases

• Integrate it with your BMS/ERP systems

• Customize user interface

• Enable additional development features that best suits your needs

• Reinvigorate your workflow management



Our BIM/CAFM experts will help you find the best way to use ArchiFM. During our consultations, we meet the specialists from your team to discuss how you are currently managing your buildings, what you find efficient and how you would like to improve the process. Based on your inputs, we will advise you about the best ways to transform, structure, and import your data into ArchiFM and make recommendations for process improvements based on industry best practices. 

On the path to your digital transformation, we can help you:

• Understand the need for a comprehensive property and facility management software

• Map your workflow processes

• Identify areas of improvement

• Highlight cost reduction opportunities

• Size your savings

Project management

Our project managers have long years of experience in various project management methodologies.

For a standard implementation, we most often use a Waterfall project management methodology combined with an Agile Waterfall approach.

The systematic approach of the Waterfall project management methodologies will enable a thorough, step-by-step, didactic, and timely completion of standard task management activities, while the incorporation of the Agile loop will ensure that any iterations, changes, or mutually agreed alterations at a later project phase can be incorporated into the overall stream.

To ensure timely completion, we set up a Steering Committee consisting of leadership representatives from key areas of expertise. Steering Committee sessions will be held based on an agreed regularity, and we will conduct ad-hoc sessions in case of an urgent need for decision making.

We diligently maintain a risk issue log, which is available for and discussed with key leadership personnel.

Let it be a remote or an on-site implementation, the consistent coordination of the teams will ensure that the management system we jointly develop with the client is systematically performed. We also ensure that there is a constant cross-checking of activities progression and timeline management.