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Human resource management

Just like most financial information, personnel data is generally available in an HR or financial system that is already running in house. In order to avoid having to perform manual updates, ArchiFM would be integrated with any HR/financial module of any existing ERP system.

By having a strong integration to ArchiFM, management can check, for example, which employee is located in which office. If they need to be moved, they can easily be reallocated to a new office, floor, or building, enabling facility managers to promptly assign the new cost center associated to the new location. With such information at hand, the rearrangement of the offices can easily be planned, or the square meters per capita can be promptly analyzed to see if it meets corporate standards.

At the same time, ArchiFM can keep track of all internal or external personnel, including their experience, professional qualification, and various other pieces information that management deems essential, hence the most qualified maintenance specialists can be selected for performing a specific job.