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Facility Management

Facility management functionalities include breakdown maintenance, scheduled maintenance, predictive maintenance, and all other tasks that are related to providing professional operation and maintenance services. All of the important functionalities can be accessed directly from the main screen.

Besides area and asset management, ArchiFM fully supports facility management as well. While our functionalities are designed to support facility management professionals based on industry best practices, our software remains user-friendly and easy to use for anyone. All of the important functionalities can be accessed directly from the main screen. Our sophisticated access management capabilities ensure that ArchiFM users and user groups only have access to information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis but are able to view and work with all sub-processes that are necessary to perform their work appropriately. We also support our customers’ approval processes: when required, it can be an automatic process flow, and when an approval decision needs to be made based on a job type or a financial clip level, we can route the job to the assigned decision maker.

Facility Management involves the following module functions:

Conditional or status dependent maintenance

To prompt for a conditional maintenance, ArchiFM uses live data fed from BMS/BAS systems or from smart meters. Why not monitor air quality, for example, and replace fan-coil filters only when they need to be replaced. It may be sooner than initially planned, and by doing so, we can avoid infections and air-born illnesses, or it may be later, and then we can save costs by still being able to use the filter for a longer period of time. There are countless sensors that we can connect to and feed into ArchiFM, and based on those values, we can validate, and if necessary, overwrite a pre-planned maintenance task. As a result of this, a lot of unnecessary costs can be avoided by either extending maintenance cycles, or by preventing an urgent breakdown maintenance that might cause significant interruptions to business. This will also lead to a reduced overall number of breakdown maintenance, more efficient operations, and less costs.

Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance management is the most dynamically changing type of activity during the daily real estate operation. To support this, we provide a web helpdesk interface. This interface can either be used by your own dispatcher center, or it can be made directly accessible by an unlimited number of clients who wish to report breakdown events.

Scheduled maintenance

In this category, all work can be planned well in advance. performed in connection with the property portfolio. Such tasks involve, for example, cleaning, periodical regular maintenance and compulsory maintenance prescribed by law. ArchiFM includes various automatic planning functionalities taking into consideration holidays, individual modification demands, and even the availability of resources.

We support group planning as well. We have various templates and wizards helping facility managers determine how frequently a maintenance point needs to be maintained, who needs to be notified and when, and how much budget would be required. Even with pre-scheduled maintenance, however, life may bring changes compared to what you have planned. In this case, users can make modifications to the individual maintenance events, or entirely reschedule a job or a set of jobs with the help of our wizards.

After each planning / execution phase, we can track whether the jobs have been completed or not, how much of the assigned budget have been used, and the time required for completing the tasks, individually and collectively. Just like for all other maintenance jobs, we have a tremendously detailed reporting capability to support management decision making.


Core Maintenance and Cleaning Management modules

Breakdown and failure management

Scheduled maintenance

Worksheet handling

Maintenance standards

Warehouse management

Frame Modules (required for overall funcionality)​


Financial Module

Human resource management

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