Apart from registering large amounts of data, facility management is basically a work tool for daily use. There is a dashboard for following processes, measuring service levels and checking certain KPI (Key Performance Indicator) numbers continuously. It has easy to read and continuously updated meters, prominent colors and small graphs to indicate current processes. Although these meters can indicate, for example, accumulated current consumption in certain building parts or building groups (with the use of intelligent data collectors), in many cases calculated logical values may be just as important. For example, an extended, high-priority failure may indicate a problem (penalty, danger to life, etc.) just as big as the measured data, so you can simply use a meter to follow the current performance of a maintenance team with a calculated value, color, or – in the simplest way – a smiley face. Although the archifm.net system also has a very serious and complex reporting system, this daily overview or “dashboard” provides data that is just as important, ensuring continuous updates of the actual data.

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