Facility management is not only about registering a large amount of data. Facility operators need a tool for daily work where they can manage and control data and make decisions based on the information.

To facilitate that, there is a dashboard for

  • keeping track of ongoing items,
  • measuring service levels,
  • and checking KPIs.

However, it can also raise the flag for high-priority failures which may affect many service areas, be life-threatening, or could indicate an urgent issue: risk of business continuity, possibility of legal penalty, or an operational non-compliance. 

It has easy to read and continuously updating measurements, prominent yet customizable colors, various graphs, and simple or complex charts to best represent the status of the current state of the business. 

These indicators could show, for example, the daily or the accumulated energy consumption on a certain floor, in a building, or in groups of buildings by having a connection to smart meters. 

You could simply use a KPI indicator to check the performance of your maintenance team by interpreting a calculated value, watching out for a particular color, or, when it all goes well, you can simply have a smiley face displayed.

 Although ArchiFM has a very complex and comprehensive reporting system, this dashboard provides a simplehigh-level overview with data updating as it flows in.