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Asset Planning

Asset planning is a complex, end-to-end operation which requires managing a large amount of data: handling all information about a large property portfolio, possibly located in many different countries; and handling maintenance management for all your facilities, individually or all of them combined. All assets can be registered in ArchiFM in a transparent and user-friendly tree structure, including the contracts related to them, their user manuals, warranty sheets, their consumption information, and even their picture. The tree-structure is always customized to the client’s needs.

All the information about the assets is then kept up to date during the everyday works. Since the aim of using ArchiFM is to promote an efficient operation, there are various ways in which you can set up and view the data: a list of asset arrangements, the number or area of leased / unleased / soon to be free units, operation areas, or free / occupied workplaces, just to name a few options.

ArchiFM can keep track of all lease or rental information that is defined in the rental contract. The contracts can then be assigned to each of the premises or part of an area, or, if there is a co-leasing agreement by multiple parties, it can be set up in the system accordingly. ArchiFM has the capability to handle meeting room rentals even by an hourly rate, considering those special conditions agreed with each tenant.