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The venue known to Hungarians simply as Müpa opened its doors in 2005 to offer cultural events of the highest quality to the diverse audiences for the above genres. The institution’s fundamental task is to introduce new artistic trends and directions – while respecting Hungarian and European artistic traditions – and to relay them in a clearly understandable way that creates rich and rewarding experiences to be enjoyed by both the connossieur and the person on the street.

The challenge

In 2002 TriGránit – in cooperation with the Hungarian Ministry of Culture – started the development of an entirely new complex of buildings that can be the home of the National Theatre, the Ludwig Museum, the Festival Theatre and the National Concert Hall of the Millennium City Centre.

The building was opened to the public in 2005 and has a total built-up area of more than 64 000 m2. Müpa was realized through cooperation with the Hungarian Government, making it unique in Europe in terms of public-private partnerships (PPP).

It is also important to note that in 2006 the Palace of Arts won the most prestigious international recognition for the architectural profession, the FIABCI (International Association of Real Estate Associations) Prix d’Excellence, in a special category of buildings serving the general public.

Regarding the facility management part, TriGránit required a solution that supports the detailed inventory of the MÜPA’s facility and special equipment. Happily, ArchiFM meets these needs by providing complete support for asset and facility management and technical documentation.

The solution

All of the Müpa’s asset management information is integrated into ArchiFM’s unified database and supports the needs of building management. The entire inventory of the building with more than 20,000 objects can be made with a solution written for a mobile device, developed by Orthograph, Tungsram Innovative Solutions’ key partner. The two software – ArchiFM and Orthograph – are integrated and allow you to perform the inventory efficiently and quickly, which is extremely important as the building is open almost all year round, so this type of work can be carried out during a one-month period.

ArchiFM offers the additional benefits of a complete engineering solution for buildings and documentation, as the package includes the ArchiCAD software. These two systems – ArchiFM and ArchiCAD – also work together in an integrated way, so there is no need to purchase and operate separate CAD and CAFM systems. The inventory with a huge amount of elements can be found graphically in the 3D CAD / BIM model and alphanumerically in the CAFM system synchronized with it.

Additionally, TriGránit needed a reporting solution that could be accessed remotely. With ArchiFM’s web-based Reporting Services module, TriGránit employees can easily access and query information from the system via internet and TriGránit’s intranet.

The ArchiFM application is a tool that supports accurate accounting between the state and the development company with up-to-date data, while the software also retains its traditional user-friendliness, which makes the users’ daily work easier.

It gives us a great pleasure to be a part of the leading cultural institution of Hungary.