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Kraft FM Üzemeltetési és Szolgáltató Kft.

Kraft FM Kft. separated from Kraftszer Kft. (founded in 1990) and started its independent operation in 2008. Its main activities are facility management, technical maintenance and ad hoc error correction in shopping centers, educational institutions, office buildings, energy and industrial facilities and hotels. The main mission of the company is to always provide high quality, high value added and complex services to its customers.

The challenge

Due to the quality of the services provided by Kraft FM, the company’s customer base is constantly expanding. And as a result, in 2016 the company successfully won a tender issued by one of the largest Hungarian car factories. The tender included the operation of a complete building engineering and electrical systems located in the logistics centre of the factory, in Győr, Hungary.



In the previous years, Kraft FM has already introduced the ArchiFM system (CAFM) to support its work processes, so there was no question that it would be used for this project also. Due to the number of operating systems and the high quality requirements of the German parent company, Kraft FM has decided to integrate the new facilities into ArchiFM CAFM system, supported by a mobile application.

The aim of the project

The aim of the project was the full assessment of the mechanical equipment and systems in the logistics facilities. Additionally to introduce an operation support system via a mobile application. It greatly facilitates and effectively supports special inspection work, planned maintenance and adhoc troubleshooting workflows, while providing an accurate basis for the preparation of management statements and reports.

Implementation of the project


  • • Consultations on the introduction of the system, coordination of processes, specification;
  • • System design, creating the system plan;
  • • Accurate assessment of mechanical equipment and systems by experts;
  • • System development and customization and mobile application integration;
  • • Migration and loading of data files into the system;
  • • Deploying hardware devices;
  • • Preparation of individual statements and reports;
  • • Create custom installation and user manuals;
  • • User training;
  • • System testing;
  • • Clarification of the system based on the experience of the test period;
  • • Final transmission and production of the system.


After the 4-week testing period, the system was put into production and documentation was delivered. Thus the system implementation process has been completed with the satisfaction of both parties.


Project results

 The established ArchiFM software system effectively supports the day-to-day tasks of those working in the logistics center of the KRAFT FM car factory. Dispatchers and managers can use the software to manage incoming error reports and plan regular inspections and planned maintenance events with human resources optimized. Electronic worksheet management has greatly improved the work management efficiency of maintenance colleagues, it also made it possible to trace the current content and results of their work. The management of Kraft FM and the car factory can use the reports to create clear and quick statements on the results of the inspection work and on the compliance of scheduled preventive maintenance.

“With the introduction of the ArchiFM CAFM system, we have implemented efficient and verifiable work when taking over our new workspace. The use of the mobile application was easy for maintenance workers to learn, and it is also important that we met the quality requirements of the car factory to the maximum by replacing the paper-based worksheets and with easy reporting. There is no better evidence of this that during the audit carried out by the factory, the operating system we use received a positive evaluation…”

István Jászberényi, Managing Director