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Burger King

BURGER KING®  (founded in 1954) is the world’s second largest fast food network. Daily more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world that offer high quality and tasty food at affordable prices every day. Burger KING® restaurants in Hungary are operated by Fusion Investment Co. with more than 40 BURGER KING®, Bellozzo® and Anna Café® restaurants and cafés across Hungary. The company’s 1,200 employees are making Fusion Group a major player in the country’s fast food market. The company’s expansion model in Hungary is more productive than in the other countries of the region, as real estate developers are involved in the continuous development of the restaurants’ network.

The challenge

In August 2015 Fusion Group contacted us to support their current maintenance activities with the implementation of a CMMS software. At the time they parallelly used the error reporting and the warehouse management systems, that were not connected at the data level and operated completely independently of each other. Worksheet management was solved in the warehouse management program by registering people’s working hours as materials, and during the worksheet issuing they took out them from the warehouse.

With the introduction of the CMMS system the primary goal was to handle the error reporting and worksheet management in one software. The aims included expanding the CMMS system with a storage module, so that in a long term they could record inventories in an integrated system and merge material consumption with worksheet management on a mobile device.

At the beginning the following requests, needs were specified by Fusion Group regarding their CMMS system:

  • •  Have a web-accessed bug reporting interface for Burger King restaurants;
  • •  Start the troubleshooting process based on incoming reports: quote, quote acceptance, worksheet generation, worksheet administration using a mobile device, and then report the work as done;
  • •  Make failure management workflows more transparent for both maintenance staff and decision makers;
  • •  Easy data extraction from the system in the form of individually compiled reports, such as reports on planned and actual costs;
  • •  Cloud-based operation;
  • •  Development opportunity, integration with other systems such as warehouse management and inventory management software.

The solution

The ArchiFM CMMS module was implemented in 2015, meeting with all the requirements described above. The operation of the system focuses on HelpDesk functionality and in the recent year – in constant consultation with Fusion Group -several major improvements have been made. These improvements are the customer-specific design of the system’s warehouse management and inventory management module, which included options such as inventory recording, receipt recording, shipment management, and various unique list views from which you can easily extract data related to the necessary inventory management.

Our client is satisfied, and currently we are in a discussion about integration options for the ERP system they use.