Ingatlanüzemeltető Ltd.

The OTP Group is the dominant banking group in Central and Eastern Europe, serving more than 18.5 million customers in eleven countries with modern assets and a wide range of financial products. In Europe, too, they can welcome their unique success to their headquarters in the region and their 70-year history.

In Hungary, the entire banking network of OTP group properties and the related office buildings are operated by OTP Real Estate Management Ltd., whose activities cover nearly 500 properties.

The challenge

In February 2016 OTP Ingatlanüzemeltető Ltd. approached our company to support their current operations and maintenance activities with CMMS software.

The following demands have been made on the part of the customer in relation to the system to be introduced:

    • • Complex IT support for OTP real estate management ltd.’s maintenance, operation and related administration process;
    • • Design of an electronic worksheet management system;
    • • Activity register and support per property/building;
    • • Support for task scheduling and monitoring;
    • • Application of a bug reporting interface;
    • • Interface connection to existing bank branch failure management system (SD).

The solution

The planning phase began with face-to-face consultations aimed at getting the parties to know the operational concept of the OTP Ingatlanüzemeltető Ltd. facility and to clarify the needs of the software to be introduced to support this. Together with the customer, we have determined the scope of the project, the exact tasks and the pace at which CAFM software is intended to be solved, and what customizations are required. The design of the system stated the objective of the project, the findings on the acceptance and success criteria, and the main steps and primary contexts of the implementation of the ArchiFM system. The parties have mutually set up project teams for the implementation of the project, appointed responsible project managers and identified experts for each task.

Following the preliminary planning phase, the development phase was launched on the basis of the clarifications made there. Based on the precisely defined system, the development of the database, of the individual project, the installation of the CAFM system for the client began.
The following are the features that have come from the developer side:
  • • Customization
  • •  Data migration
  • •  Interface – SD system join
  • •  Development of reports
During the implementation phase, we did the following:
  • •  Create project-specific, custom user guides
  • •  Full user training
  • •  Transfer and deploy the system