National Bank

The National Bank of Hungary (MNB) is the central bank of the country. It is responsible for the state’s monetary policy, for maintaining price stability, and for managing its foreign exchange reserves. MNB operates as a public limited company owned by the state of Hungary. The main bodies of the MNB are the Monetary Council and the Supervisory Committee, and since 2013, the Financial Stability Board.


The challenge

The facility management operation of the bank was going to be restructured, so MNB issued a public procurement tender, which was successfully won by ArchiFM in 2009. The software had to be adapted to suit the bank’s new mode of operation. The implementation had to be carried out in several stages and ArchiFM had to be connected to MNB’s ERP system, BMS system, and to other smart systems.

The solution

By the end of the project, the following functions got implemented:

SLA-based support for the following:

  • •  Service levels
  • •  Automatic calculations
  • •  Sampling and penalty events
  • •  Tablet-based breakdown registering
  • •  Configurable calculations
  • •  Reports and penalties
  • •  End-to-end control over its contracted partners’ services
  • •  Comprehensive architectural and mechanical survey of the Headquarters’ buildings, creation of plans and BIM models
  • •  Visual representation of the following buildings: headquarter offices, conference center, visitor center, IT area, logistics center, money processing area, storage area
  • •  Support for customer service and planned maintenance activities
  • •  Displaying utility meter data
  • •  Integration with SAP modules that are in use
  • •  Connection to a SIEMENS building management system
  • •  Establishment of an interface to MNB’s workflow system with the purpose of extracting data from it
  • •  3-level integration of KPIs
  • •  Adapting the user interface to MNB’s image
  • •  Full compliance with strict IT and bank security requirements